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Each year we cultivate GMO-free seedlings and provide them to our network of growers. We train and supervise the farmers, who plant and then nurture the vines until it’s time to handpick the fruit at each annual harvest.

We’ve perfected a simple process to capture the natural, low-calorie sweetness of monk fruit, while maintaining its pure fruit goodness. Here’s how it works:

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The fruit is crushed to release its natural, sweet juice.

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The crushed fruit is mixed with hot water to make a sweet infusion.

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The infusion is filtered, leaving a clear, sweet juice.

The infusion is filtered and leaves a clear juice that contains the sweet antioxidants and a small amount of natural fruit sugar. The juice retains the fruit sugars for a delicious, low-calorie product. Our monk fruit extract is made by separating the fruit sugars from the sweet antioxidants which are then spray dried as a powder.

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