Our Vision & Mission


Our vision is to build a large scale, environmentally and economically sustainable monk fruit industry, and to be the leading company in that industry.

Our monk fruit ingredients will make a meaningful contribution to better nutrition and health by allowing our customers to create healthier, affordable, natural, great-tasting everyday foods and beverages. Our monk fruit ingredients will be found in thousands of products and will be consumed and enjoyed in millions of homes around the world.

To achieve this vision we will promote economic and environmental sustainability in our supply chain and ensure our growers are fairly compensated. We will build long term, mutually rewarding relationships with our growers and their communities. We will create confidence in monk fruit as a main-stream solution for sugar reduction by providing our customers with high quality ingredients, guaranteed reliability of supply, a clearly articulated and validated consumer benefit, and excellent customer service.

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Our mission is to maintain and enhance our position as the world’s leading supplier of great-tasting, healthy, natural low calorie sweetness from monk fruit.

Using our unique supply chain expertise and capability we will provide the highest quality, best value monk fruit ingredients with guaranteed reliability of supply and excellent customer service.

We will supply food and beverage companies who require a great-tasting, natural, low calorie alternative to sugar so that they can create healthier foods and beverages with reduced sugar and calories. Our customers will include the world’s largest food and beverage companies, leading regional brands, and innovative young businesses.