Monk Fruit Extract


Made from only the highest quality fresh monk fruit, our monk fruit extracts are a 100% natural, zero-calorie, clean-label alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. We concentrate the sweetest part of the monk fruit to make a powder extract that delivers great-tasting, 100% natural, calorie-free sweetness from pure fruit. The unique sweetness of our monk fruit extracts comes from naturally-occurring sweet compounds in the fruit called mogrosides which are up to 400 times sweeter than sugar. These calorie-free compounds have a delicious, sweet taste without bitterness, making our monk fruit extracts the ideal choice for reducing sugar in a wide range of food and beverage products.

All of our monk fruit extract products have excellent solubility, as well as stability across a broad range of pH and temperature.

We offer the most comprehensive range of monk fruit extracts including:

MFC-E70, 70% Mogroside V Extract.
MFC-E60, 60% Mogroside V Extract.
MFC-E55, 55% Mogroside V Extract.
MFC-E50, 50% Mogroside V Extract.
MFC-E40, 40% Mogroside V Extract.
MFC-E30P, 30% Mogroside V Extract.
MFC-E25P, 25% Mogroside V Extract.

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In the USA Monk Fruit Corp’s monk fruit extract is GRAS by Scientific Procedures and can be used in all food and beverage products at any use level. The FDA “no objections” letter can be viewed at this link:

Monk Fruit Corp’s monk fruit extract is approved for use as a table-top sweetener in Canada, and as a food additive sweetener in Australia and New Zealand.